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Brain Injury Association Northland is a Not For Profit Organisation. It was founded in 1998. Since its inception, the organisation’s client’s base has steadily increased.​ We cover from Wellsford to Cape Reinga.



The organisation meets with clients to provide support, advocacy and information to brain injury survivors and their family/whanau. This is achieved by meeting with their clients, family/Whanau and by providing face-to-face and online support groups.

Liaison Service

We provide a service that is specialised in supporting those with brain injury, their care givers, family/Whanau and the wider community to navigate the rehabilitation journey and beyond. 

We can provide support to the whanau after a loved one experiences a brain injury, our staff are experienced in providing strategies for the often complex challenges that are faced when supporting someone with a brain injury.

Peer Support

We aim to provide opportunities for those with Brain Injury to participate in peer support, receive information and education about brain injury and create links to the community. To encourage and promote independence and ownership of the person’s journey following a Brain Injury.

Education Service

We provide education to workplaces, community groups, schools, government providers, sports clubs and any other interested parties. These education sessions can be tailored to suit the needs of your group, staff or students. We also provide resources on Brain Injury to anyone in the community.


Mission Statement

To provide support, advocacy and education in order to promote a quality life that maximises the potential, choice and independence for people affected by brain injury and their family/whanau.


People who live with the effects of a brain injury are supported to live a full and independent life.


  1. Ensure that people living with the effects of a brain injury enjoy the highest possible quality of life by providing support, advocacy and information.

  2. Promote greater public awareness of brain injury.

  3. Remain accessible to all clients.

  4. Remain financially sustainable in order to continue providing a service.

  5. To have robust, understandable policies and procedure in place.

  6. Strive for excellence in practice

  7. Work to reduce the risk of harm, where possible, for our clients



Office Manager

I am Originally from Dargaville and moved to  Whangarei about 16 years ago.

I am married with 3 boys. I have a long history in the nursing field and business experience.


I joined Brain Injury Association Northland in May 2021 as the office manager.

I really enjoy the role and am passionate about assisting people, to reach their full potential.


Liaison Officer

I have lived in the North since late 1997. Since my arrival I have worked alongside  people with Brain Injury and supported them and their family and friends.

I believe in the philosophy of Barry Willers “What ever it takes” model and approach my work in the community with this in mind.


As well as direct client work, I am also involved in delivering education around Injury Prevention.


No two brain injuries are the same and therefore our clients needs are varied and sometimes vast.


I enjoy the variety, the challenges and I feel fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet so many fantastic people who have allowed a complete stranger into their lives.


Liaison Officer

I born and breed northlander. I reside in Whangarei and before coming to this role I had worked in the disability sector for the past 27 years. (1995 to 2022).

My first 15 years were spent at IHC/idea services. I then went to work for NASC Northable services. I was a NASC coordinator for 5 years before moving onto CCS Disability action (CCSDA). In my last 2 years at CCSDA I picked up the ACC living my life contracts, which then introduced me to the Brain Injury Association Northland.


I am keen to learn more about brain injury in our northland community.


I am a person who seeks out the gaps, new learning and understanding that help to support, empower and enhance people’s lives. I’m looking forward to my new adventure and what it will bring.


Our funders are so important and we accomplish a lot together.

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